System for bucket lip and side wall protection

Utilising the same MTG Twist mechanical attachment system as the innovative StarMet System

Protects the bucket, increasing its wear life
Reduces exposure of the bucket to impacts and abrasion, extending its wear life.

Longer Wear Life
The side protectors are reversible - their positions can be interchanged when required, thus extending the life of the protector.

Improved safety and reduced machine downtime
MTG Systems ProMet incorporates the MTG Twist locking solution.

This solution offers:
Safety: No possibility of impact accidents due to flying metal particles.
Comfort: Protector changing effort is much less when hammers are not required.
Easier to use: No hammers or welders required for replacing worn ProMet shrouds

Increased bucket capacity and penetration
Allows you to carry more material and to increase penetration, thereby improving productivity of the machine.

Locking System
  1. Weldable base.
  2. MTG Twist retainer made from elastomet and polyurethane.
  3. MTG Twist pin.
  4. MTG plug to prevent the square recessed hole becoming filled with soil, saving time and cleaning when disassembly.

Further information is available by downloading the following PDF brochures
MTG ProMet Reference guide (1914 KB)
MTG ProMet Assembly instructions (210 KB)
MTG ProMet Welding instructions (138 KB)