Gyratory Crusher Wear parts

2MT and Columbia Steel can provide many options to improve your gyratory crusher performance and wear life.

Let us come and appraise your crusher liners and conditions to see where improvements can be made.

We can provide matched mantles and liners for total performance in:
  • Any size to 16,500 kgs.
  • Any design that works for you
  • Any appropriate Columbia Steel wear-resistant alloy

Here’s what you get when you work with 2MT and Columbia Steel:
  • Extensive experience with gyratory crushers around the world
  • Knowledgeable field service and engineering specialists
  • A "can-do" attitude about improving crusher performance
  • A manufacturer that can design and produce matched sets of crusher concaves and mantles in all sizes and alloy choices
  • Many heavy duty and custom designs available now
  • Capacity to produce volume orders and large sizes
  • Exclusive Xtend Process™ alloy to address high localized wear

All Columbia Steel parts are guaranteed for proper fit, performance and customer satisfaction.